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FOZZY "Sin And Bones" finally released

Publié le par Stormrider

Hello boys and girls, that's it. It's finally out ! SIN AND BONES ! 5th studio album by FOZZY.




Tracklisting :

  1. Spider In My Mouth
  2. Sandpaper
  3. Blood Happens
  4. Inside My Head
  5. Sin And Bones
  6. A Passed Life
  7. She's My Addiction
  8. Shine Forever
  9. Dark Passenger
  10. Storm The Beaches
  11. Walk Amongst The Dead (limited digipack only)
  12. Fairies Wear Boots (limited digipack only)


Don't forget to grab your copy ! It's available through www.cmdistro.de, www.cmdistro.com, www.amazon.com, www.play.com and also on itunes !


Check out this track sampler :


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