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BONZ new band, (almost) new songs

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In 2001 Bonz would leave Stuck Mojo. He started a new band called 420 monks he toured the states. featuring former STUCK MOJO frontman Bonz, ex-CHUM (Puerto Rico) drummer Carlos Torres, guitarist John B., and former PUBLIC ENEMY touring DJ DJ Lord. They self Released a 6 song demo. Had 3 labels offer them deals but Bonz Never felt like it was Right.

2003 Bonz formed Dead Gospel. Band was short lived Recording 3 song demo. Bonz was asked back into stuck mojo in 2004.

2004 to 2006 Bonz records southern born killers ep 4 songs and full tour of eastern US and then off to england. At the end of the tour Rich and Bonz go there separate ways again.

2007 Bonz forms cornbread mafia: The band records 4 song demo tours till 2008

2009 to 2010 Bonz and drummer Kennie pool(cornbread mafia) join Bobby Burns(primer55/soulfly) Curt Taylor Matty Time and form killer in the workplace. They tour the US. playing with primmer 55, Chimera. The band records and self releases 10 new songs.


2011 Bonz forms new band with members below:

- Curt Taylor : bass/guitars

- Preston Nash : drums/guitars

- Joey R. : guitar/drums

- G.Bird : lead guitar

You can listen to some demo songs (from Killer In The Workplace cd) here :  http://www.keithentertainmentgroup.com/bonz.cfm

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